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With 6 happy kids, life can be really fun around here! This blog is dedicated to the joys and sometimes chaos of having a large family. Okay, so it's always chaos around here, but fortunately, it's almost always fun, too!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Washing Dishes

The dishwasher broke the other day - and while we are waiting for the repairman, we've been washing dishes by hand. Okay, that doesn't sound like a big deal -- but in a family of 9, there are a whole lot of dishes, all day long.

I finally found a system that works - for now, and since we're getting the machine repaired tomorrow, that's all we need - something that works for now.

The older kids already have a lot of chores, so I divided the dishes up amongst the younger kids. One of them prepares the sink, and then they take turns - each one of them washes 10 dishes (including cups and silverware), until the job is done. Generally one round is all it takes, and no child is left feeling overwhelmed. Actually, I think they are kind of having fun with it. They get the job done quickly, then pass it on to the next kid.

And it definitely beats having a sink full of dirty dishes!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kids are stir-crazy today -- stuck inside due to inclement weather.

What a drag!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

L. Ron Hubbard

My kids visited the L. Ron Hubbard museum the other day - I continue to be amazed at everything this one man accomplished. He was an expert aviator (a barnstormer!) He was the youngest Eagle Scout - I think he was just 14 when he attained that status. He was a prolific writer, beginning with adventure stories in the old pulps, and writing westerns and science fiction as well. L. Ron Hubbard served in the Navy, he was licensed to captain any vessel in any ocean. And he developed Dianetics and Scientology as well.

You can read about L. Ron Hubbard - Adventurer. There is an entire magazine devoted to Hubbard's adventures.

Also, if you want to visit L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition, you can take a look at what Yahoo travel has to say about it. And My Travel Guide also has some info about L. Ron Hubbard's Life Exhibition on their pages as well.