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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Scientology Volunteer Ministers

I helped the Scientology Volunteer Ministers last weekend, along with my children. We introduced people to the technology the VMs use when we help people in our neighborhoods and in disaster situations, such as in New Orleans and Indonesia.

Here is some information about what the Volunteer Ministers do, and the types of situations that we can help people handle:

Relationships Scientology contains simple techniques to establish good relationships and salvage failing ones.

The Dynamics of Existence The Scientology Handbook presents basic Scientology precepts for living an ethical life.

Understanding and Predicting What People will Do With the information in the Scientology Handbook you'll know who to associate with, who to avoid, and you will be able to help those who are mired in uncomfortable situations with others

Communication The Scientology Handbook includes information and techniques you can learn to greatly improve your communication and help others do so too.

Helping Others Recover from Illness and Injuries With the Scientology Handbook you can learn how to help relieve suffering and enable others to recover much more quickly.

Answers to Drugs If you have a friend with a drug problem, you can learn Scientology techniques to help him or her get off drugs and stay off them for good.

How to Resolve Conflicts Learn what has to exist for a conflict to occur, and how to resolve any conflict.

Integrity, Honesty and Self-Esteem Use this Scientology Handbook chapter to help anyone live a better life and restore their trust in others and in themselves.

Improving Conditions in Life If there is some situation in your life that needs to be improved, these Scientology techniques will help you do so.

Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life With this chapter of the Scientology Handbook you can help someone get off the emotional seesaw of doing well one day and badly the next.

Stress from Dangerous Environment Learn how to overcome stress and anxiety with these Scientology techniques.

Marriage While marriages still outnumber divorces, the gap is rapidly closing. In this chapter of the Scientology Handbook you will discover methods to make a marriage work, and find out why many marriages fail.

Children The application of Scientology principles to the bringing up of children can ensure that they are happy, loving and productive, and that they become valuable members of the societies in which they live.

Job Stress Work is a source of stress and anxiety for millions. This chapter of the Scientology Handbook can help make work rewarding and fulfilling.

Planning for the Future Scientology techniques to help you attain literally any goal, large or small.

L. Ron Hubbard Study Technology L. Ron Hubbard discovered the laws on which learning is based and developed workable methods for anyone to apply.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Creed of the Church of Scientology

Scientology - Creed of the Church of Scientology

I love the creed of my church. I thought I'd share it with you. It was written by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology.

We of the Church believe:
That all men of whatever race, color, or creed were created with equal rights;
That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance;
That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives;
That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity;
That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense;
That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments;
That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;
That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind;
That the souls of men have the rights of men;
That the study of the mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in non-religious fields;
And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.
And we of the Church believe:
That man is basically good;
That he is seeking to survive;
That his survival depends upon himself and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.
And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid man:
To destroy his own kind;
To destroy the sanity of another;
To destroy or enslave another’s soul;
To destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions or one’s group.
And we of the Church believe that the spirit can be saved and that the spirit alone may save or heal the body.

If you are interested in learning more about Scientology, you can join this Scientology Group.