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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

14 year old girl changing the world

15-year-old activist, Juliette West was only 14 when she decided she wanted to save the elelphants. Directors Tim Gorski and Synthian Sharp talk about working with this young woman and their progress in getting the word out about the abuse of elephants in Thailand and India.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Responsibility - by Synthian Sharp

Responsibility by Synthian Sharp

This is a really interesting interview with "How I Became an Elephant" co-director, Synthian Sharp.

One my sons is very interested in philosophy. He read the Tao te Ching when he was 11. He's currently reading Machiavelli. He's read the holy books of several religions, and I think it's really important to feed the inclinations of the young when they discover an interest in learning about our philosophic history.

From Synthian Sharp's essay: I think Etho-craft is necessarily the science that will follow the science you currently hold, because at the far end of quantum mechanical exploration, we will eventually accept, that everything that made relativity fail as a unifying theory, was the fault of our thoughts, based only on our false assumptions, and then when we realize that we are creating the Tathata, the Ri, the Tao, the Ethos, (or any other title you assign to our faculty of conscious attention) we will immediately have, for the first time, an actual RESPONSIBILITY for our thoughts, and the way that we choose to make the universe grow, rather than maintaining the victim's outlook, in which the universe is indefinitely pushing us around.