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Friday, November 19, 2004

I studied human behavior and it has really helped me in so many ways!

I used to get very confused about why people did certain things. I didn't really understand human nature - I mean, I understood myself, but when it came to understanding other human beings, I was often pretty bewildered.

Actually, human nature isn't that difficult to understand, once you understand basic laws of human behavior.

There are some really good tapes on human behavior that you can order. This isn't anything you've ever heard before! It's truly brilliant, but makes total sense. And I ended up with data I could USE in handling others.

Also, here is a book that goes along with the tapes (you don't need one in order to understand the other, however) aboutaccurate prediction of human behavior.

There is also the
Special Course in Human Evaluation.

I have found that I use this data in my daily life. At the store, dealing with my own children, the parents of friends of my children, neighbors, etc.