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Monday, March 06, 2006

Public awareness is growing about human rights in so many areas. From sweatshops using child labor, to human trafficking. It's no surprise that more minor - but much more widespread - abuse is grabbing national attention in the United States.

The right to use the restroom when needed - something any adult would expect for himself - is finally considered to be a right children should have.

I remember clearly, one day in 7th grade, when a girl asked to use the restroom. This was a very polite girl. She was a good student, never caused anyone any trouble. The teacher humiliated her in front of class, yelling "NO!" and telling her that if she REALLY needed to go, she had to bring a doctor's note from home!!

Nearly 30 years later, I still remember that teacher. He disgusts me every bit as much now as he did then.

I didn't complain to my mother - it's amazing what abuse children will take, without even thinking to tell their parents. If your child goes to school, don't expect him to tell you about something like this. You have to ask!

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