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Saturday, January 07, 2006


I have had 7 children, and birthing, to me, is one of the most powerful, amazing, life-affirming experience. It is hard to describe the power of birth to anyone who hasn't experienced it as a mother, father, or birth attendant. Those of you who have witnessed a birth, or given birth, will understand what I'm trying to say, though.

I have had one birth that was virtually pain-free - naturally. This was my 6th baby. I had contractions - easy, smooth ones - for a dozen hours. Then I went into labor and went from 4 cm dilation to his birth in just 3 contractions. I didn't even push! My body just did what it was supposed to do, and it was soooo easy.

Other babies have been harder. My last baby - #7 - born this past October, was surprisingly difficult to push out. He was larger than the rest, and had a very big, round head at birth. I moaned, groaned, cried, and even screamed at one point.

His was the only home birth I had (the other 6 were in the hospital.) I don't usually use pain killers for birth anyway, so that wasn't why this birth was more difficult. But besides the additional physical pain of birthing him, the BONDING with this baby was an incredible experience. I believe it's because he was born at home.

The other children were there - 3 witnessed his birth, 3 came to the room within 5 minutes of his birth. My oldest daughter (13 yo), was a labor coach. She was amazing and held in there with me for 30 hours of labor. The baby's first examination was done while he was held in his older brother's arms.

I think some of the incredible bonding was due to being at home - in our own environment - not being disturbed by various nurses, doctors, photographers, etc. It was just us, our midwife, and childbirth assistant, and THEY were careful to not be too intrusive upon our privacy.

This birthing experience was so phenomenal. If you have thought about having a home birth, and you are low-risk, I can't recommend it enough.

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