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Thursday, June 24, 2004

One thing our family can do together is volunteer work. This has been really enjoyable. Not only has it been fun, and given us a great sense of accomplishment, but it has helped the children develop a moral code and sense of the larger world about us.

Developing this as a family has been an amazing experience. The children are very aware of others, and their own ability to help. I don't think most children really feel that they should or can make a difference. But my children - and the children they've volunteered with - do have this sense. They don't feel victimized by their environment, but rather, they feel they can make a difference.

It is an amazing thing to see.

My children are Scientologists, as their father and I are. Having a Scientology family is part of our social responsibility - Scientologists tend to be socially responsible, with a great sense of volunteerism.

Some of the projects we've volunteered for include drug awareness programs, such as Church of Scientology Drug-Free Marshals and the World Literacy Crusade. While the World Literacy Crusade is not a religious organization, it does utilize the Study Technology created by L. Ron Hubbard and promoted by Applied Scholastics.

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