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Saturday, September 16, 2006



Do you have questions about Scientology?

I have been getting emails from readers of my blog, asking for more information about Scientology. Definitely feel free to email me!

You can also visit these websites for good information.

Find out about the Scientology organization in Los Angeles - Church of Scientology, Los Angeles Organization

Here, you can get answers to Frequently asked questions about Scientology - The FAQ. If you would like information from an "unbiased" source, you might be interested in the information about Scientology from a religious tolerance organization.

Leisa Goodman, the Human Rights Director of the Church of Scientology has an interesting website where you can read about the work of our church in the field of human rights.

You may also be interested in seeing the site for the Church of Scientology of Pasadena.

You can also join: this Scientology group if you have more questions.