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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sticks and stones...

Oh, Yikes!

We had an "incident" yesterday. Boys playing in the backyard, one of them backed up - into a big stick that had come off a tree in the recent thunderstorm. Stick got lodged inside his leg. He just thought he got jabbed, ignored it. I see it later, red and swollen. We go to the doctor. They have to perform minor surgery. There was a "splinter" larger than a toothpick stuck in his leg.

No WONDER it hurt!

I would like to meet the guy who invented lidocaine and thank him personally. Because that kid was NOT going to let the doctor cut open his leg any other way. (It took some cutting to get the thing out.)

He asked the nurse to wrap up the splinter so he could show it off to his brothers and sisters. Uugghh... I never want to see another stick again!