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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Insulin Resistance

I have been doing some research on insulin resistance as I failed the one-hour glucose tolerance test recently. I had an infection; that can cause insulin resistance, so my test was invalid. What a relief!

Here's some interesting info on insulin resistance and diabetes:

DiabeticsBooks.Com to Hold Online Diabetes Awareness Fundraiser
Download this press release as an Adobe PDF document.

Millions of people across the country are living with diabetes. We need help from across the country now! Diabetes is slowly, but surely becoming an epidemic in this country.

(PRWEB) June 1, 2005 -- "The Most Frightening night of my life was 17 years ago when my blood sugar level dropped", says Angelo Abruzzese of

Abruzzese, who has diabetes, was rushed to the hospital where he went into a vegetative state for several hours while everyone waited in the emergency room. Today Abruzzese is an active diabetes activist, who has participated in walk-athons, jog-athons, and any events he can find to raise money for diabetes research. If everyone that reads this article was to just send a one dollar donation, It could make a huge difference says Abruzzese!

Today is launching an online diabetes fundraiser, in hopes of generating $10,000 in donations. Abruzzese says that his website sent out a survey, and the results were stunning. Only 18% of people surveyed actually understood the complications and seriousness of diabetes. He says this diabetes fundraiser is to try to raise diabetes awareness, and raise money for diabetes research.

The fourth-leading cause of death in the U.S. is diabetes; diabetes claims more than 180,000 lives each year. It is estimated that 16 million Americans are currently living with the disease, with two million afflicted by type 1 or juvenile onset diabetes. In fact, 12,000 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every year.

Type 1 diabetes, also called childhood diabetes, is a chronic, genetically determined metabolic disorder that damages the pancreas, preventing it from producing insulin. Insulin is a hormone which the body requires to make use of glucose — the fuel for the body's myriad processes. Type 1 diabetes destroys the islet cells in the pancreas responsible for producing insulin. Insulin is not a cure, but a treatment for diabetes.

Adult onset or type 2 diabetes, usually presents after the age of 13. Individuals with this form of diabetes have a pancreas that still produces insulin, though not adequately. They also have "insulin resistance," which means that the body's tissues do not respond normally to insulin. But patients with type 2 diabetes can often control the disease through diet, exercise, and oral medications rather than by the use of insulin injections.

Diabetes can affect anyone no matter what their status.

"Once you're a diabetic, you're pretty much a diabetic," says Abruzzese. "I have adult onset diabetes. I was diagnosed when I passed out one day 17 years ago. I've gotten my diabetes to a really manageable place. So I don't have really any complications due to it, but I still have to deal with it and check my blood many times a day.

I just want to do whatever I can to help the diabetes cause, and to speed the process of finding a cure for diabetes. That's why I am doing this online diabetes fundraiser says Abruzzese.

To all those that donate $10 or more, they will receive a high quality silicone (PURPLE) HOPE Bracelet. I am hoping to raise the diabetes awareness with the bracelets says Abruzzese. If we can get 10,000 of these HOPE bracelets out there, and people wearing them, that could raise the awareness by 100,000 just from people asking questions to those that wear the bracelets he says.

A portion of the proceeds from the fundraiser will be going directly to the American Diabetes Association for further diabetes research. So even if you can only make a one dollar donation Please do so!

To make a donation to the diabetes awareness fundraiser you can send cash, check, or money order to:
Diabetics Books
9207 N. 47th drive
Glendale, AZ 85302

Or you can go online to make a donation by credit card at:
click on Diabetes Awareness Fundraiser for more information.

We ask that you pass this address on to your friends and family. Let's make a difference!

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