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With 6 happy kids, life can be really fun around here! This blog is dedicated to the joys and sometimes chaos of having a large family. Okay, so it's always chaos around here, but fortunately, it's almost always fun, too!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Saving Money

I think it's really important that kids have lots and lots of books. Lots of toys are great, lots of clothes are nice, but lots of books are essential.

I prefer not to use the library very often, because if each child checks out 3 books - and you have 6 children - you're looking at having to keep track of 18 books. It's just not always workable with a large family. Too many late fees!

We have found a better alternative. We go to second-hand stores and get books there. The Salvation Army in our town sells paperback books for 50 cents - and hardcover books for $1.75. And some days they have 50% off sale on all books!!

We come home with stacks of books for just $15.

One really nice thing about owning the books with so many kids in the house, is that we will all get read. You're never "finished" with The Cat in the Hat. There's always someone who will be reading it in a year or two!

And no late fees to worry about.